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What are the reasons of Pulpitis?

Deep caries

Severe trauma or injury
Deep fillings

caries under fillings

What are the symptoms of Pulpitis?

Severe continuous pain while eating and drinking even after removal of the stimulus that persists for a long time.
It may interrupt the sleep due to severe pain.
Swelling around the tooth or facial swelling.
Sometimes it may be asymptomatic.
Pain while masticating or pressing on the tooth.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Removal of infected pulp and disinfecting root canals via drills and disinfecting irrigants, drying then filling root canals by proper root canal filling. This procedure may take one or two visits depending on the severity of infection.

It is always advised to cover the tooth by fabricating a crown to protect the tooth after finishing root canal treatment from risk of fracture .

What make us special in root canal treatment?


  • This treatment is provided by Endodontists (master degree-holder specialists)

  • Finishing treatment in a single visit & short duration.

  • Latest x-ray and motor devices

  • Using rubber dam for isolating the tooth

  • No presence of pain while providing treatment, least symptoms possible with a guarantee of high quality treatment.

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