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Dental Implants Will Make You Smile Again

Restorative dentistry aims to create the most natural situation. Implant offer the closest simulation of natural dentition having nearly the same properties. Implants are inserted as artificial roots into the jaw bone. In order to firmly anchor crowns bridges and even removable bridges, the gums will enclose the new abutment and the bone anchored teeth again without reaction or rejection of your body to the material.

Insertion of implants Stage one:

It is the stage of which the gum is opened, the bone is drilled and implant inserted and hidden within the tissues until full healing and bonding with bone [Osteointegration] occurs .

Stage two:

The implant is exposed and loaded with fixed [crown / bridge] made out of Zircon or removable prosthesis ( over denture ). This stage is after 3-6 months after stage one to make sure that the body had accepted the implant successfully.

Dental implants will give you the feeling of having your own teeth, you will be able to chew and laugh naturally again.

Why us ?

Dental implants surgery is performed by Prof. Tamimi with over 21 years experience plus using the best German Implant systems & Restored by the best German Zircon crowns / bridges .

Who is the candidate for dental implants ?

The ideal candidate must have good overall health, good oral health and adequate bone in the jaw to support the implant. Also he must be willing to commit to optimal oral hygiene and regular dental visits . X-rays and models will be taken to give proper decision regarding the case .

What is the success rate of dental implants ?

Dental implant systems have a success rate greater than (98%). In fact with effective oral care at home and regular dental visits, dental implants could last from (30) years and up to a life time,

What happens if the implant fails ?

Some times implant fail and in most cases it can be replaced by new, more suitable implant .

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