Welcome to Gardens Dental implant Center, where we believe in teamwork between the dentist, the staff, and the patient to meet your individual needs.
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What is an Implant?
Implants are tiny pins made of especially compatible pure titanium which are inserted into the bone of the jaw. The dentist can attach crowns, bridges or removable dentures to these artificial roots.
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Discuss your SAFETY
Providing quality care in a clean, safe environment is our ongoing commitment to you and to all the patients of our practice.
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Gardens Dental Implant Center is a recognized center for DGZI internship programs we offer great hands-on practice on patients, implant surgeries, prosthetic part of implants.
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A smile is a smile, and one is as beautiful as the inner soul reflects, but what if we gave you a hand in reflecting that beauty? GDIC) doctors and staff will transfer that beauty inside and out through the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques available worldwide.
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Job Vacancies
we need good hand on folowing material:
  • Dentist.
  • Dental assistant.
  • Secrtary
Our Spicials
Our center provides a special V.I.P insurance cards: Silver , Gold , and Platinum cards
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